GAT Scandinavia AB

is a company in Northern Sweden specialized in marketing and sales of chemical additives and system cleaners for the automotive sector and industrial applications and looking for trade intermediaries and/or joint venture partners in the Nordic countries and the Baltic States.


GAT is focusing on development and sales of high-performance chemical-technical additives and system cleaners for automotive and industrial applications through joint venture partners. The product range includes service and maintenance products, e.g. a system cleaner for fuel, oil and lubrication circuits as well as a cleaner for the radiator and A/C system, in various packing sizes. The focus of the product range is set on the improvement in fossil fuel efficiency by innovative high-performance additives. Resulting in reduced fuel consumption, lower exhaust emissions and an increased endurance of the system components.

We can offer different solutions targeted to specific markets e.g. car workshops. A full car service program is built around their product range. An oil change within the service program also mean a cleaned and calibrated engine and the cooling systems inside and cleaning of the fuel system. The company holds a high level of knowledge about development of high performance quality lubricant products especially modified for the Northern climate. The products are made in Germany in cooperation with universities, industry, related research institutes and TÜV (Government Controlled Standards Institutes) to ensure guaranteed result and effect. The business concept includes a sophisticated training at GAT-Academy and support program that give their sales partners know-how via a transnational network. After the basic training, the sales partner will have access to all the tools needed to act successfully and professionally on the market - for the benefit of the partners’ sales. GAT offer a strong company structure with highest creditworthiness since 2013 and potential partner can either be a area distributor, a general importer or a joint venture partner.

Advantages and innovations

The product portfolio has the advantage to being able to improve the overall performance of all operating systems by their cleaning and maintenance properties. A cooperation with GAT Scandinavia AB gives a potential trade partner, a clear advantage since they are a full service-partner, due to their close relationship to research and development, certification process, as well as the manufacturing. In the full-service concept are distribution, marketing and sales training are also handled by the organization closely integrated with the technology. This mean that costs can be reduced and a give better margin on the products. The structure of the organization make it easier for partners to get feedback from end-costumer, give suggestions on improvements based on the feedback and see changes be implemented within a relative short time frame, in comparison with other similar companies.